Who We Are

Professional, Personable and Reasonable

I’m Thomas Kainz and together with my daughter Alexandria we are TEKnical Services.
My background and training started in the late 1970’s when computers were just starting to become mainstream. Since computer classes were not yet available I bought books and taught myself everything from programming to building computers from scratch finding myself eventually teaching the sales staff at the local computer store.

Since those early days I have completed a more formalized training and education including a programming certification through a technical college, a Bachelors degree in Information Systems and a Masters in Information Technology. In addition to my technology background I also have extensive experience in photography, graphic arts and design and almost 30 years of business and project management.

Alexandria started in on computers when she was just a little over 3 years old.  I remember taking her to the computer store on the weekend with me, shoving a computer box in front of the PC display so she could reach the keyboard and mouse, then standing back and having fun watching the crowd of the adult geeks gather round as she used the keyboard and mouse like a pro. Boy has the time flown by!  Alexandria is currently a 4th year student at Colorado Mesa University majoring in Graphic Arts & Design with a focus in 3-D animation. The fact that she’s been on the Dean’s list or honor roll for what seems like for ever is testament to her standards and hard work. Alexandria has already interned with a major animation studio in California and is looking at a bright and promising career.  Alex brings a fresh perspective and a keen eye for design to the business.

Contact us at: tkainz@teknicalsrvices.com