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Logos, Brochures, Banners, Business Cards and more

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Brochures- single, double, tri-fold… pamphlets, business cards, banners, logo design and more.  Your image says a lot about you and your company.  Let us help you create that image and make your mark. Working with you… not for you, we can take the pieces of the puzzle and make the presentation that will fit your needs to a tee!

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 How you market your business or even how you market yourself can make a big impact on how you’re perceived which can trickle down to you opportunities, your chances of landing that contract or even landing that perfect job you’re after.

Logo design is not just about creating a catchy little “mark” to represent your company anymore, it’s all about branding… creating an image which not only represents what you and your company are about but what you do, what you represent and how it all ties together.


TEKnical Services logo


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Your “BC” is not only one of the first impressions you give of yourself, but is also one of the most lasting ones that you leave behind. We can help in designing the right business cards to represent you and what you have to offer. Our prices are very reasonable investment in your image. Single, sided, double-sided, the type of paper stock used, color or black and white, photographic or text…. it all matters.

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ItiBiti Acres Business Card

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ATKainz Business Card Front


ATKainz Business Card Back


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Single or multiple page, bi-fold or tri-fold. We’re talking again about something that you want your customers to keep and refer back to again and again; keeping your name and image fresh on their minds.
Whether for special events or for daily use, banners are portable versions of your store-front signage and they need to grab the attention and draw people in. On the other hand, they shouldn’t bust the bank. With each banner purchase, we include 1 hour of consultation regarding their design and what might best suit your needs. Design it yourself and bring us the digital file to have the banner created or put the whole project in our capable hands.