PC Service

Upgrades, Fixes, Repairs, Tune-ups or Build to Order

Computers are one of the most frequently overlooked pieces of equipment in your household. More often or not, they’re set up, plugged in and used on a day-to-day basis with little or no thought to periodic maintenance.  Over a period of time this can lead to a sluggish operating computer and if not tended to in a timely manner could cause PC failure.  Your car needs periodic oil changes and tune-ups and so does your computer….well, maybe not the oil change…. but definitely the tune-up!  Whether performing periodic cleaning and maintenance or repairs from the simple to the complex, we can help make sure your kept up and running.

Computer Maintenance Packages

Service Type Basic Mid Full
$60 $90 $120
    Clean and dust internal components * * *
    Hard Drive defragmentation * * *
    Clean browsing history, cache & cookies * * *
    Delete temporary Files * * *
    Registry cleaning & optimization * * *
    Full Disk Anti-virus, Spy-ware and Mal-ware scan * * *
    Analyze Hard Drive(s) for errors * * *
    Test RAM for errors * * *
    Update operating system (OS) * * *
    Update security software * * *
    Check OS for missing or corrupt files * * *
    Create current boot/repair disk * *
    Create backup of important system/user files *
    Check and update device drivers *
    Create full system image backup *
    Re-seat all accessable internal connections *
    Re-apply new CPU/Heat-sink thermal compound *
    Check PC BIOS and Update if Necessary *


Computer Services

Below are some of the more often requested services that we perform along with the typical labor charge for that service.

Service Type $ Charge
    Basic Labor Rate (per hour – in shop) 60
    Inspection and estimate (If recommended work not performed) 29
    BASIC level maintenance – 1 day service guaranteed! 60
    MID level maintenance – 1 day service guaranteed! 90
    FULL level maintenance – 2 day service guaranteed! (1 day available) 120
    Upgrade operating system 60 – 120
    Replace/upgrade working hard drive with data transfer 60
    Virus removal 50+
    Full system backup – incl. boot disk 60
    Replace or install CD/DVD player 30
    Replace or install most component cards (video/sound/etc) 30
    Upgrade RAM 20
    Replace / upgrade motherboard 80 – 120
    Wireless network setup (up to 3 PCs – addt’l PCs +$10 ea.) 60
    New PC Installation 80 – 100
    Build a new PC to your specs 150
* the above flat rate charges are typical, may vary based on individual circumstances and are for services performed at our location.

House Calls - click for more info

Almost all computer services involve waiting….waiting for software to install, waiting for updates to download, waiting for the backup to complete etc. 

When making a house call, we will either charge for the actual service(s) performed or the actual time spent with a minimum of 2 hours – whichever is greater.

When you bring in your laptop or PC for service, much of that waiting time can be used for other productive work and as such, time we most likely won’t be charging you for or, at the very least, not charging for a decent portion of it.

For example, some full backups may take as much as 6 or 8 hours (or more) to complete.  Performing this backup at your home would then result in a $80 per hour charge for the full 6 – 8 hours whereas that same backup, performed at our office would be charged at a flat rate as noted above.

Service Discounts - Senior & Military

My daddy taught me that we respect our elders.  A sense of grattitude dictates we all respect and honor our military heroes.  We gladly offer the following discounts on the labor portion of your service.  Should more than one discount apply, only the one largest will be used.  To qualify for any of the discounts, we ask that you register each computer with us in advance.

Active Military  —  20% on house calls, 30% otherwise on all labor.

Seniors & inactive / retired military  —  20% labor discount.


The above information, service levels and pricing guideline is subject to change.  Date last updated: 2/12/12

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