What We Do

All the TEKnology things we enjoy doing for you

“Everything Technology”

is the best way to sum up what we do.  In all actuality, though, it goes even way beyond that.

From computer servicing, upgrades and troubleshooting to website development to graphic arts and design and even on-line auction consignment sales.  Let’s not forget individual and group instruction, and the fact that we make house calls and work nights and weekends!

Everything Computers – that about sums it up…… but for those that like the details….. 
Repairs & Upgrades
  • Add a second DVD writer, up your RAM, install a bigger hard drive…you get the idea!
Computer builds
  • Sometimes ‘off-the-shelf’ just isn’t good enough. For a flat rate – we can build a PC to your exacting specs.
  • From backing up an individual PC to entire offices using data encryption and off-site storage.
Systems installations & Upgrades
  • Windows XP, Vista and 7
  • Basically… curing your PC’s headaches
PC Leasing
  • Don’t want to put-out for an expensive office or personal PC? Let us know what your needs are and we will custom build a PC just for you. A reasonable monthly rate includes periodic maintenance and service as well as software upgrades.


Website Design 
1-day sites
  • we can have a simple website for you up and running in as little as one day and for as little as $100
  • Simple 1 to 3 page static website with your office and contact information
  • Sell on line with proceeds deposited directly into your account with no credit check issues or upfront investment in special equipment


Graphic Arts & Design 
Logo Design
Business Cards
  • Color-photo business cards in one day – can do!
  • Single page or multiple, bi or tri folded, B/W or color
  • Full color vinyl banners – reasonably priced


Professional Services 
Individual or group training
  • Learn all the tips, tricks and tools for Windows, Microsoft Office and many other programs. Increase your productivity.
Excel spreadsheet design and data analysis
  • Proper data analysis helps your business grow
PowerPoint presentations
  • From simple to complex slide presentations for meetings, award presentations and training purposes
On-line resumes
  • Your updated resume available on-line 7/24 only helps in your attempt to land that perfect job.
Billing and invoicing services
  • Let us handle the ‘paperwork’ portion of your business so you can concentrate on the meat and potatoes of growing your business. We can handle all invoicing, billing and receiving and take that load off your shoulders.


eBay & Consignment Sales 
Consignment Sales
  • Get rid of all that valuable ‘stuff’ you have laying around. We will handle listing, inquiries, packaging, shipping and billing. You bring us your items, we deal with the rest – you get the money. How easy is that? Very reasonable commissions. You’d really, really, be surprised at what others will buy on-line
eBay shop setup
  • We can assist you in setting up your own eBay shop to sell your craftwork, supplies or almost any item on-line
  • If you have something large to sell or trade that just isn’t eBay material – let us handle the Craigslist posting for you, including all inquiries as well as shipping / pickup arrangements.