TEKStuff 4 Sale

Below, you’ll find a number of items we currently have for sale….some new, mostly used.  The used items have been thoroughly checked out and are guaranteed to work as noted in each of their respective listings.  Everything is first-come-first-serve.  If there is something you really, really want; my suggestion would be to pay for it now and make sure it doesn’t get away.

If you have used computer equipment that you’d like to get rid of there are a few ways we might be able to help…

  • I may be interested in buying the item off you directly.
    • Pros: You’d have immediate cash and you’d get rid of the item immediately with no hassle.
    • Cons: You may get a little less for the item than if you were to sell it yourself.
  • I could take the item and sell it for you for a reasonable commission.
    • Pros: I would handle the inquiries, and the actual sale of the item.  Additionally, I would stand behind what was being sold.
    • Cons: Depending upon the sale price that we agreed upon, it may take some time to sell.

Let me know how I may help!

If you have any issues what-so-ever adding any of the items to your shopping cart or in checking out, please call me and let me know right away…. Tom

There are three options for you to purchase any of the items listed here:

1. You can come down to the office and cash & carry it away.

2. If you’re one of my existing service related customers, all you need to do is to give me a call and I’ll set the item aside for you until you can pick it up or I can deliver it to you.

3. Add the item to your cart in which case, you’ll have about 15 minutes to complete your purchase before the item is automatically returned to open inventory for others to purchase.

All items are on a first-come / first-serve basis and some items tend to go quickly since I try to keep the prices very “reasonable”!

Call me if you have any questions. Tom (719) 942-3085.

02/15/15: I’ll be adding items throughout this coming week and weekend…. so Please feel free to come back periodically to check out all the other great deals we’ll be having in new and used computer equipment!

If you would like any of the products to be shipped, you will need to first purchase the items. Once we’ve received notice of the purchase, we’ll determine the size of the shipping box needed and what will be the most cost-effective way of shipping it. We will then send you a shipping invoice through PayPal. Once the Shipping costs have been paid, we will expedite shipping by the requested method. The shipping cost we quote will be the actual shipping coat plus the cost of any packaging materials. We do not add any “handling” or “Processing” fees.
Of course, you’re welcome to pick up your purchase from our office at any time – just call ahead to make sure we’ll be there and not on a service call on the day and time you’d like to pick it up.  This will also allow us to talk about the item with you and discuss any particulars pertaining to it’s use.

We’ll also happily deliver the item(s) to your home or business free of charge from Cotopaxi up to Buena Vista providing you’re OK with waiting until the next time we’re in your area (generally within a few days to a week).

Feel free to call me at any time if you have any questions about any of the items listed for sale.

Thomas Kainz – (719) 942-3085